Marissa Kong-Nutu

owner & Esthetician

I have always been passionate about the beauty industry and went to school for massage therapy and esthetics. Here I found my true passion in the spa industry and was fortunate enough to eventually work with the best of Boston at The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, an award winning, 5 star company. Eventually I started a family and chose a different path. With the support of my husband I was able to come out of my comfort zone of spa and into the field of permanent makeup. I was taught by one of the best artists in Miami, who is also a mom and an inspiring girl boss! I started Boston Brow Studio so I can blend the two worlds together and give clients the lasting brows they've always wanted in a chic, clean, relaxing and welcoming environment. I love being able to see my clients walk out with confidence and post their brows on social media! Whether they’re makeup junkies that are tired of trying to create the perfect shape, workout-aholics, a mom that just doesn't have a minute to herself, or simply just not a "makeup person," we can help everyone. I am so happy to be able to give clients the confidence to "wake up and go". I also love to create a space for other artists to showcase their talents and show other women who are seeking to be their own girl boss, that it is possible, because it happened to me. I can't wait to meet you and make you part of my Boston Brow Family!


Shania Nguyen

microblading artist
& esthetician

Shania originally started out as a nail tech with a focus in nail art and designs and loved designing something new for each client. From Vietnam, Shania always loved beauty enhancements and eyebrows, which is the trend where she grew up. After learning about microblading she was inspired to create natural shapes for clients who don't know how to draw their brows. Her experience is unparalleled, having taken 5 different courses for various microblading styles and techniques. Her focus is giving clients a natural look that best fits each client!


Nina Greel

Creative director

With 12 years of creative experience, Nina has been with Boston Brow Studio since the start. She designed Boston Brow Studio’s brand and continues to create a classic and chic visual identity for the studio.